β-testing & localizaton

Youropa is a mix of surrealism, hip hop culture and an upside-down Eiffel Tower. The game is in development for 10 years with certain interruptions – for some remarkable insights into its history, I highly recommend to check out this interview with one of the devs, Mikkel Fredborg.

I took notice of Youropa when it promoted a closed beta – and applied. With its long history, the gameplay felt very polished and identifying bugs was all about the details! I found playtesting as a good precondition for localizing the game: Getting into its mechanics and features provides a solid understanding of what it is, that needs to be caught by words. I will aim for that practice in the future.

Currently, Youropa’s word count is around 450, with more to come until release. A special challenge was the translation of terms the game uses for it’s unique and very specific mechanics, like transferring the character to a wall, character customization tools and the level editor.

Dev Mikkel Fredborg